What is the Orthopaedic Institute, and why is Commonwealth involved?

Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers formed the Orthopaedic Institute last fall with St. Elizabeth Healthcare and St. Elizabeth Physicians.  You may wonder what the Orthopaedic Institute is, and why Commonwealth would want to be a part of this effort.

The Orthopaedic Institute ensures that “everyone is talking to each other to get the patient managed,” says Physician Co-Chair of the Orthopaedic Institute, Nicholas T. Gates, M.D. Streamlined electronic communications and data-driven treatment protocols mean almost no transfer of records by hand, no repetitive tests, and timely access to the most current care options. “We don’t sacrifice quality to cut costs,” says Dr. Gates. “But,” he adds, “we are going to cut inefficiencies.”

Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers remains independent and dedicated to providing quality care, a mission that includes the evolution of the Orthopaedic Institute. “We are working toward getting every physician at the hospital, Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers, and primary care aligned so that we’re moving toward the same goal: Get the patient to orthopaedic care quickly,” says Dr. Gates. On a weekly basis, “all of these institutions are sitting down and improving already existing programs,” he says.