Typical Athletic Injuries - and How We Approach Treatment

Dr. James T. Bilbo is the Team Physician for Northern Kentucky University and for Newport Central Catholic High School.  Concussions, ACL tears, muscles strains - many conditions and injuries make an appearance when working with young and mature athletes.  Caring for growing adolescents presents particular challenges.

"Kids aren't as physically developed or skeletally mature," Dr. Bilbo notes.  They're prone to overuse injuries and growth-plate related injuries.  Unlike youth and high school sports programs, which tend toward too-frequent practice, notes Dr. Bilbo, college athletic programs are monitored and athletes are carefully conditioned.  Pain and injury are rapidly addressed.

"The ultimate goal is to get over the injury and minimize time away from sport.... Coaches, athletes, parents all want this," Dr. Bilbo says.  "And for patients who aren't college athletes, the skills and techniques we use in sports medicine translate into better care for all patients, whether they're athletes or not."  

Dr. Bilbo specializes in the comprehensive care of athletes.  He was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame at NKU, the NCC Athletic Hall of Fame, and named "Sports Medicine Person of the Year" by the Kentucky Athletic Trainers Society.  You can learn more about Dr. Bilbo here.