Where Does It Hurt?

  • General Orthopaedics Specialists

    The general orthopaedics team at OrthoCincy treats a variety of orthopaedic conditions and sports-related injuries of the bone, joint and musculoskeletal system.

    A general orthopaedic surgeon does not focus on one specific area or body part. Instead, they determine the best course of action for injuries and diseaes of the entire musculoskeletal system. Your appointment with a general orthopaedic surgeon may include the following:

    • Diagnosis of your injury or condition
    • Determination of the course of treatment
    • Rehabilitation recommendation, including physicial therapy
    • Prevention techniques, including providing information and treatment plans

    See below for a list of our physicians who treat patients with general orthopaedic conditions.

  • Foot & Ankle Specialists

    Dr. Gates and Dr. Sammarco and OrthoCincy have a team of professionals dedicated to the care of foot and ankle problems. Whether you sprained your ankle, have a fracture, or suffer from chronic ankle arthritis, we have the ability to help get you back on your feet. 

    Our foot & ankle team includes several sports medicine physicians, an orthopaedic surgeon, a podiatrist and an onsite orthotic group. Our radiologist has specialty training and experience in the evaluation of your ankle MRI, and our physical therapists are trained to handle the special needs involved in ankle rehabilitation. From an ankle sprain to turf toe, an arthritic ankle to a torn Achilles, we have the surgical and nonsurgical professionals to help you recover quickly. 

    Look for the "O"

    The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society provides helpful information on the importance of selecting a Foot & Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeon for your foot and ankle care reminding all of us to 'Look for the "O"' - for "orthopaedic surgeon."  Five important reasons to select an orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon include:

    • Foot & Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeons are fully trained MDs and DOs.
    • Foot & Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeons are highly specialized and have completed intensive training.
    • Foot & Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeons provide surgical and non-surgical lower extremity care.
    • Foot & Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeons are experts at complicated cases.
    • Foot & Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeons are a great choice for second opinions.

    See below for a complete list of physicians who treat foot and ankle conditions.

  • Hand & Wrist Specialists

    The hand & wrist team at OrthoCincy treats a variety of conditions and injuries specific to the hand and wrist.

    Examples Include:

    • Carpal tunnel
    • Cubital tunnel
    • Trigger finger
    • Wrist pain
    • Sports injuries
    • Dupuytren's contracture
    • Fractures

    Our Hand & Wrist specialists, James D. Baker, M.D., Thomas M. Due, M.D., and Jonathan B. Slaughter, M.D., are members of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH),  The ASSH offers a website of educational information for patients on Hand Safety, Conditions and Injuries, Hand Anatomy, and more.  You can visit that site HERE.

    See below for a list of our physicians who treat hand & wrist conditions.

  • Joint Replacement Specialists

    Our joint replacement team is trained in the latest techniques and treatment options for total joint replacement. Although hips and knees are the most common joints replaced, this surgery can be performed on other joints, including the ankle, foot, shoulder, elbow and fingers. 

    Some joint replacement procedures can be performed through Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery, allowing your doctor to make a smaller incision while while maintaining precision in your procedure.  The Mako(R)  robotic equipment looks like this:  

    During a total joint replacement surgery, your surgeon will replace your bone with an implant (artificial device). There are many different types of implants, and recommendations are based on several factors including, weight, age and activity level. Your surgeon will discuss the best type of joint implant for you prior to surgery. 

    Examples Include:

    See below for a list of our physicians who perform joint replacement surgery.

  • Knee Specialists

    The knee team at OrthoCincy treats a variety of conditions and sports-related injuries including, ACL/MCL repair, arthroscopy procedures, and cartilage repair and transplantation.

    Knee injuries can be painful and dibilitating. They are also the most common orthopaedic injury. Knee injuries can be caused by any of following:

    • Twisting your knee with your foot planted
    • Getting hit in the knee
    • Overextension
    • Sudden stopping while running
    • Landing on a flexed knee

    It's important to seek treatment as soon as possible if you think you may have a knee injury.

  • Hip Specialists

    Hip pain is a common complaint, and there are many factors that can lead someone to seek medical treatment for problems with their hips. Hip pain can come from a variety of sources including, arthritis, injury, muscle strain, and tendonitis. 

    The hip team at OrthoCincy is trained in the latest techniques and treatment options available for hip conditions and injuries.  

    See below for a list of our physicians who treat hip problems. 

  • Shoulder & Elbow Specialists

    The shoulder & elbow team at OrthoCincy treats a variety of conditions and sports-related injuries, including rotator cuff tears, tendonitis, labral tears, frozen shoulder and advanced arthroscopic procedures.

    Most common shoulder injuries include:

    • Rotator cuff tendinitis - Inflammation of the rotator cuff tendons and the surrounding tissues.
    • Rotator cuff tear - Varies from partial tearing to complete tearing of the rotator cuff muscles or tendons.
    • Labral tears - Labral tissue (surrounding lip of cartilage around the socket which provides the attachment of the ligaments in the shoulder). Usually torn by dislocation, but can sometimes become injured from overuse.
    • Frozen shoulder - When the shoulder becomes painful and loses motion due to inflammation. No specific injury is required.

    In addition, Dr. R. Michael Greiwe has developed a new shoulder replacement procedure, the "Rotator Cuff Sparing Method for Total Shoulder Replacement" - and you can learn more about that procedure HERE.

  • Spine Specialists

    Spine Surgeon Dr. John B. Jacquemin and the rest of the OrthoCincy Spine Team treat a variety of spine conditions. The doctors listed below each provide a particular approach to spine and back care, giving you a range of treatment options where appropriate.

    Dr. Jacquemin now performs Cervical Disc Replacement.  This procedure may be appropriate for patients who:

    • Are between the ages of 21-67;
    • Haven't responded to non-surgical treatment, including 6 weeks of physical therapy and medicine, or have symptoms that are worsening despite having other treatment;
    • Documented disc damage upon review of an MRI, X-ray, or other images of the neck;
    • Have arm pain and/or neurological symptoms such as weakness or numbness - with or without neck pain.
    • Other factors, which may depend on the individual patient.

    For more information, call us at 859-301-BONE (2663).

  • Sports Medicine Specialists

    The Sports Medicine team at OrthoCincy provides surgical and nonsurgical treatment for a variety of sports, exercise or recreational related injuries and conditions, including strains, sprains, fractures, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

    We serve as Team Physicians for the following area High Schools, Colleges, and Universities:

    • Bellevue High School
    • Conner High School
    • Cooper High School
    • Covington Catholic High School
    • Dixie Heights High School
    • Grant County High School
    • Highlands High School
    • Holy Cross High School
    • Newport Central Catholic High School
    • Notre Dame Academy
    • Ryle High School
    • St. Henry High School
    • Simon Kenton High School
    • Northern Kentucky University
    • Thomas More College (Orthopaedic Surgery Consultants)

    Our sports medicine physicians enable patients to safely return to his or her sport or recreational activity as soon as possible after an injury or condition. Your sports medicine physician will use a combination of the following during your visit:

    • Injury/condition diagnosis
    • Development of a treatment plan
    • Recommend rehabilitation options
    • Share prevention techniques to avoid future injuries

    See below for a list of our physicians who treat sports medicine conditions.

  • Elbow Specialists

    The elbow team at OrthoCincy treats a variety of conditions and sports-related injuries.

  • Orthopaedic Trauma & Fracture Care Specialists

    Ryan P. Finnan, M.D., an a fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons with specialized training in Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery, leads our Orthopaedic Trauma and Fracture Care team.  Orthopaedic Trauma and Fracture Care addresses complex fracture care, difficult and problem fractures, nonunions, malunions, orthopaedic infections, deformity correction and foot and ankle surgical reconstruction.   


We not only serve our patients’ physical needs, we also make sure they are educated on everything from patient rights and information, to HIPAA patient confidentiality, to our full list of services. We also provide videos and links to further patient understanding of how we work and what we do. 


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