Service and Innovation - Jonathon M. Spanyer, M.D.

Dr. Jonathon M. Spanyer specialized in knee and hip conditions, particularly total joint reconstruction and replacement.  With that knowledge and expertise, he has also devoted time to service work, locally and internationally.  He provided trauma and orthopaedic care to patients in Ecuador and Haiti and worked with Shoulder to Shoulder physicians in Honduras, offering primary and preventive care to those in need.

He has held numerous leadership positions and received a variety of scholarships, awards and research grants throughout both his academic and burgeoning professional career.  With his background in medical device design, Dr. Spanyer holds two patents, including a novel method of micro-coating surgical implants as well as a device to help alleviate chronic back pain.  "Patients often come to seem me thinking that they have a hip or knee problem, when actually the source is from the spine," he explains.  "I am hopeful this device will be a method to help them."

Dr. Spanyer believes that new treatments will soon prevent the need for some joint replacements, and less-invasive surgeries will also become more available, many on an outpatient basis.

Dr. Spanyer see patients at our Mt. Auburn, Edgewood, and Southgate offices.  For more information about Dr. Spanyer, click HERE.