Orthopaedic Institute designed to improve care for all patients

According to Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers' Bruce R. Holladay, M.D., who served as Commonwealth's President from 2013-2014, the Orthopaedic Institute is not a place, but rather a holistic care model designed to improve patient access to quality treatment while minimizing costs. By working closely with St. Elizabeth Physicians—particularly those offering primary care and those involved in treating musculoskeletal issues—Commonwealth’s surgeons can accelerate the diagnostic and treatment process for patients within the St. Elizabeth Healthcare network. From a patient’s initial visit through non-operative treatment (which may include, physical therapy, activity modification, bracing and orthotic placement), doctors will work together to help halt the potential disease process. “If we treat the patient sooner, the patient has an easier recovery,” explains Dr. Holladay. “This is a mass attack on an 
injury or a disease,” he says.

“The goal is for all of us to improve orthopaedic care for our patients,” adds Dr. Holladay. In the future, the Institute may partner with the broader healthcare delivery system—including insurance companies and third-party payers—to further improve efficiency. For today, the focus is on those suffering with sports injuries and orthopaedic conditions.