New Technology in Total Hip Replacement

Jonathon M. Spanyer, M.D.

When a patient's lifestyle has been limited due to hip pain caused by arthritis, and nonsurgical treatments are not helping, Dr. Jonathon Spanyer relieves their pain by performing total hip replacement to get them back to their normal lifestyle.  A total hip replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces the cartilage and bone of the hip joint with an artificial ball and socket.

Dr. Spanyer is now performing these hip replacement procedures using new technology, called Radlink GPS, at St. Elizabeth.  Radlink GPS is computer software that works with x-ray to provide non-invasive, instant feedback on orthopaedic implant positioning during this surgery.  Dr. Spanyer says, "This technology uses the x-ray to get the patients' specific measurements, and then you use the measurements to place the components."  The Radlink GPS improves the quality and accuracy of implant placement by ensuring proper implant fit using the precise measurements to offer superior patient outcomes.

Outcomes from using this technology: "If you can precisely recreate the anatomy of a patient within a millimeter or two you can decrease the risk of pain, bursitis, and weakness.  You also improve gait mechanics and a more natural feel," says Dr. Spanyer.

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