New Book by Dr. R. Michael Greiwe trains other surgeons

R. Michael Greiwe, M.D., is frequently consulted about complicated cases involving shoulder and elbow trauma.  He was recently accepted as an associate member of the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons, a selective organization of eminent surgeons.  Membership should give his patients "confidence that there's an expert here at home," he says.  Believing that "experience goes a long way," when addressing a challenging scenario, he also collaborates with other experts to discover the best approach to help his ailing patients.  So when given the opportunity to edit Shoulder and Elbow Trauma and Its Complications (Elsevier, 2015) for orthopaedic clinicians, Dr. Greiwe eagerly tackled the task.  The result is a comprehensive guide to shoulder and elbow trauma surgery and the issues that can arise during the process.

A traumatic injury involves an event that damages both the soft tissue and bony structure of the body, Dr. Greiwe explains.  And while all surgery is an art, trauma surgery is particularly challenging because "you never know what you're going to get."  Replacing a shoulder due to arthritis differs from restoring a shoulder that has been crushed in a fall.  Substantial thought and preparation go into the surgical process to prevent complications.

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