At the Leading Edge of Sports Medicine

Specialists at Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers offer the most current sports medicine treatments, plus expertise in injury prevention and performance enhancement for athletes of every discipline.  Surgeon and sports medicine specialist Bruce Holladay, M.D., weighs in on the latest in care and treatment.

Multi-disciplinary care:  Physical therapists, chiropractors, sports psychologists and podiatrists all work together, an innovative trend gaining traction in the sports medicine arena.  "At Commonwealth we have many specialists, plus many board-certified sports medicine physicians like me who do surgical treatment."  Commonwealth's medical professionals can be relied on for everything from foot and ankle surgery to spine surgery and concussion treatment.  "Really, all in all, we can treat every part of the body," Dr. Holladay says.

Dr. Holladay is a board-certified knee, shoulder and sports medicine specialist.  To read more about Dr. Holladay, visit THIS LINK.