Getting Them Back in the Game: Youth/College Injuries

James T. Bilbo, M.D., may attend multiple football, basketball, volleyball and soccer games in a single weekend, but his isn't the role of casual spectator.  In addition to his work as orthopaedic surgeon at Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers, Dr. Bilbo serves as head team physician at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) as well as medical director of the Athletic Training Program since 1986.  He is the team physician for Newport Central Catholic High School, the professional Cincinnati Kings and the Kings Soccer Academy.

Dr. Bilbo works with NKU head athletic trainer Molly Hutson and a staff of seven to care for 250 athletes in 14 sports.  With Ms. Hutson on speed dial and frequent visits to the training room, Dr. Bilbo manages all orthopaedic injuries and coordinates the medical care of athletes together with strength and conditioning coaches, trainers and specialists in dentistry, cardiology, nutrition and psychology.  The doctor must be aware of every athletic injury or illness, and NKU relies on his final say in terms of playing status and practice status.