Doctor's Spotlight - John D. Bever, M.D.

When John D. Bever, M.D., began his medical career in 1980 he was accustomed to traveling with a bag of spare quarters in the car so that if his pager buzzed while he was "on call," he could stop at a phone booth and dial into the hospital to see when and where his expertise was needed.

Today technology, from the smartphone to the MRI machine, drives medicine in previously unimaginable ways.  The constant innovation is one of many things Dr. Bever has appreciated about his 34 years as a physician.  "It's fascinating to be in a field where you could see all the changes occurring," he says.

Dr. Bever received his undergraduate degree from Purdue University and graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine.  He completed his orthopaedic residency at the University of Cincinnati.

Back when Dr. Bever was in training, one office he rotated through was still hand-dipping X-ray films through chemical baths to develop the images.  Now, with the advent of digital technology, diagnostic images can be simply and securely accessed on a personal computer.