Athlete's Corner: Fractures and Youth Sports

Rough-and-tumble contact sports like football and lacrosse include an unavoidable reality: collisions.  Those collisions sometimes lead to broken bones.  The key is making sure fractures are managed properly, which creates optimal healing and allows the athlete to return to the game, explains matthew T. DesJardins, a board-certified, fellowship trained Sports Medicine specialist with experience treating all athletes, from weekend warriors to Olympic-level competitors.

For example, finger fractures are common in many youth sports, yet too often coaches and parents minimize these injuries and fail to seek treatment for their young athletes.  "Sometimes, when a kid breaks a finger, people think, 'Well, the doctor isn't going to do much for it anyway, probably just tape it up, so we will just take care of that at home,'" Dr. DesJardins says.  Early evaluation, he adds, can determine simple from complicated, and often allows for advice on continued play with proper protection.