"Anatomic Reconstruction" of an ACL

We've all heard of ACL injuries - you may have had one yourself.  The key to an ACL injury is the repair.  The surgical method used to reconstruct an ACL can vary with each patient.  Outpatient ACL surgery typically takes 60 to 90 minutes and involves drilling two tunnels, one in the tibia and and one in the femur.  The surgeon then has different ways to secure the new ACL graft.

Dr. Adam V. Metzler, an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in knee and shoulder surgery, as well as sports medicine, prefers newer techniques designed to place the ACL in the position, "where it originally came from," he explains.  This can be done with an outside-in drilling technique or an accessory anteromedial portal drilling approach.  "Biomechanical data in the lab does indicate that newer anatomic techniques can yield better results," Dr. Metzler explains.

Physical therapy begins immediately after surgery.  The patient must commit to extensive rehabilitation to return to his or her previous level of athletic play.  Generally, a minimum of six months of physical therapy is recommended for optimal results.  Patients with strong quadriceps (thigh) muscle function tend to return earlier.

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