ACL Injuries and Return to Play - New Research

Dr. Adam Metzler is an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine, and knee and shoulder surgery.  He recently completed and presented research on ACL Injuries and Return to Play.  Dr. Metzler's recent study results involve Division I SEC soccer players with an ACL reconstruction.  He examined 70 players within an eight-year period and noted an 84 percent overall return-to-play after ACL reconstruction.  Seventy-five percent returned to the same or higher level of function with an average median return-to-play of six months.

Thus, ACL injuries requiring reconstruction should not be considered career ending, says Dr. Metzler.  "The goal for these young athletes is to return to a competitive level of play... The long-term outlook for the average person is to prevent rotational injuries, which can lead to further injury."

For more information about Dr. Metzler and his research, click HERE.