Dr. Gates attends Foot & Ankle Surgery forum

Dr. Nicholas T. Gates, known as a Foot and Ankle Surgery expert, just returned from Carlsbad, California, where he attended the "Foot and Ankle Technology and Innovation Forum."  The Forum was held April 22nd-23rd.

The Forum allowed Dr. Gates to meet with Foot and Ankle Surgeons from around the country to teach and discuss innovations in Foot and Ankle Reconstruction and Sports Medicine.  Dr. Gates is a board-certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist.  At the Forum, the doctors discussed early non-surgical and surgical treatment options for ankle sprains that are now designed for rapid return to sports. 

Dr. Gates speaks across the county on a regular basis, teaching other orthopaedic surgeons in foot and ankle surgery techniques, including some he has helped to develop.

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