Dr. Adam Metzler and colleagues author new book on ACL Reconstruction

Adam Metzler, MD write new book

Adam V. Metzler, M.D., a Knee, Shoulder, and Sports Medicine surgeon for Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers, recently helped author a new iBook for other physicians, Anatomic ACL Reconstruction.  The book is available for download with iBooks on any Mac or iOS device.

Anatomic ACL Reconstruction is a new interactive technique guide, that will review the latest innovations in anatomic ACL reconstructions. The options for primary ACL reconstruction are the transtibial approach, the outside in (2 incision) approach, and the hyperflexion technique (accessory anteromedial portal reaming). The outside in and hyperflexion technique have been shown to more reliably recreate the femoral attachment of the ACL compared to the transtibial approach.

You can view and download the iBook at THIS LINK.

Dr. Metzler joined Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers in 2013, and he serves as the Team Physician for both Holy Cross High School and St. Henry High School.  He is a frequent speaker, and he participates regularly in research designed to improve surgeons' expertise in knee and shoulder surgery and sports medicine care.  

Visit this link if you would like to learn more about Dr. Metzler.