Doctor's Spotlight - Bruce R. Holladay, M.D. - Part 2

Most of the patients he sees at Commonwealth Orthopaedics are not “extreme athletes” rigorously training for competition, though their injuries and ailments can be just as disruptive. Since graduating from the Medical College of Toledo, completing his residency at Akron City Hospital and a fellowship in sports medicine and arthroscopy surgery with the Bone and Joint Institute at The Christ Hospital, Dr. Holladay has cared for many young athletes and older weekend warriors. 

He treats sports injuries and age-related conditions with a specialty in knees, shoulders and elbows. Dr. Holladay is particularly excited about recent advances in cartilage regeneration, a process which encourages the body to grow new cartilage to replace damaged tissue. “We’re on the forefront of biocartilage regeneration for the knee,” he says of his practice.