Crutch Drive Supports Swaziland

Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers' Physician Assistant Avery Kondik, with the support of the Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers family, organized a drive to gather gently used crutches, walkers, canes and medical supplies for those in need.

During a six-week drive, Commonwealth collected 60 pairs of crutches, 20 walkers, five canes and two boxies of medical supplies for a faith-based medical mission in Swaziland called The Luke Commission.

"The Luke Commission usually gets five, maybe 10 pairs a year, so when our shipment arrived they were blown away and extremely grateful," Kondik says.

Kondik is currently working on organizing an orthopaedic medical mission team to travel to Swaziland within the next five years.  Commonwealth continues to gather devices for Swaziland with plans of launching another six-week donation drive soon.