Athletes and ACL Injuries

ACL injuries are usually the result of the knee changing direction suddenly during noncontact activities such as soccer, basketball and volleyball.  An ACL tear cannot heal on its own and must be reconstructed using a graft to replace the torn ligament, Dr. Metzler explains.  

He is passionate about using the latest methods, namely anteromedial portal drilling and outside-in femoral tunnel drilling, to recreate the body's "native anatomy."  Such anatomic graft placement closely restores the knee's natural motion.  Thus, approximately 75 percent of patients return to their previous level of function within a year.

Dr. Metzler serves as Team Physician for Holy Cross, St. Henry, and Simon Kenton High Schools, and regularly publishes his research on ACL injuries.  To learn more about Dr. Metzler and his practice, please visit THIS LINK.